There are many people in this Art 110 class with many different lives. But if there is one thing most of us could all relate to, it’s social media. We use social media to share many things that happen in our lives such as our crazy adventures or even something as simple as grabbing a cup of coffee. In this weeks social photography activity, we are using the hastag #ART110F15 to be able to share every classmates pictures to create a “giant selfie” collage full of photo. While looking through all the tagged photos, I saw many things I could strongly relate to and other things that I would probably not enjoy doing. But being able to learn what each individual does throughout the day without personally knowing them, makes it so interesting to be able to compare your lives to someone else’s.

For this activity, this is one of the five photos I shared on Instagram. I ran into this cute little boba shop called Roasting Waters in Garden Grove while shopping with my boyfriend. The decor of this place caught out attention. I looked like something out of a story book. There was a fire place, many chairs to sit on, and mugs decorated all over the walls. I wanted to share this photo with the class because someone else may want to try this place out. This boba shop made me feel cozy and I hope I was able to capture that in a photo!

(Grabbing boba at Roasting Waters)
(Grabbing boba at Roasting Waters)

While looking through the photos I came across this photo and was taken over by jealously. Looking at this photo made me realize how much I was in need for a little pick-me-up after the long morning I had. I woke up late because my alarm didn’t go off, there was an accident on the way to school that caused traffic, and I was 20 minutes late to my first class. When I look at this photo, it reminds me of the hectic mornings I have every Tuesday and Thursday. While I’m rushing to get myself to class on time, another girl is enjoying herself at a cute little shop, enjoying her beautifully designed foam and coffee. It really makes me reevaluate my life decisions of signing up for an 8:00 am class. Although, I envy Adrian Caluya for being able enjoy herself by grabbing some coffee, this photo is captured beautifully. The photo may be very simplistic with a coffee cup on a wooden table, but it shows that even a coffee cup photographed at a certain angle, is art.

Adrian Caluya’s Contact Information:

Instagram: @adrian.caluya or @ajxcaluya

Website: https://adriancaluya.wordpress.com/

(@adrian.caluya: Rose Park Coffee Roaster)
(@adrian.caluya: Rose Park Coffee Roaster)

Another photo I came across is a photo captured at sunset while Franklin Chhay was biking with his cousin to the riverbed. This photo caught my attention by the way it was taken. While the main focus in this photo are the plants, you can see the river in the background while the sunset is peaking through. I can relate to this photo strongly, because I have a love for sunsets. Sometimes I can take the little things for granted like a sunrise or sunset. I always ask myself, “what if the sun never comes out again? Would I remember the beauty it holds?” Looking at this photo that he posted, makes me appreciate life more. I didn’t get to enjoy the sunset today because I was stuck at work. By the time I get off work, it’s too late to enjoy the sun go down and I don’t wake up early enough to watch the sun rise. So thank you Franklin for sharing this photo, because although I didn’t get to witness the sunset first hand, I was still able to enjoy it through your photo.

Franklin Chhay’s Contact Information:

Instagram: @frankchaiitea

Website: https://franklinchhay.wordpress.com/


Through this week’s activity I am able to share a connection between my classmates and friends. This activity made it feel like the Art 110 class is a community through social media. Although we may have different lives, some aspects of it are the same. We may enjoy similar things and we may not, but I’m glad I was able to witness the things each and every one of my classmates loved.


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