There are so many different art forms out there, but the one we focused on this week was spray painting. Driving around the city, you’re bound to see some graffiti on walls, trucks, or even street signs. I always thought graffiti looked easy. I would always look at the art and think, “hey, I could do that.” When it actually came down to doing this activity, spray painting was a whole new language to me.

For this weeks activity, we had to use at least two different color spray paints and paint our name in bubble letters. I knew I couldn’t make it to Venice Beach due to a busy weekend, so I had to think of something else I could paint on. My friend Kim Pham and I, decided to use two poster boards we bought from Target. Spray painting was completely foreign to us since we both never used it before. The only thing we knew about spray painting was that you had to shake it and it has a really strong odor. I began by tracing my first name onto the poster with a pencil. After tracing, I used Kim’s pink paint and traced over it. Since my name is so long and the poster was so small, the paint turned into one big blob. I tried using my gold paint to define my name, but it turned it into an orange blob. Realizing my name was too long, I decided to use the back of the poster and write “Jazz”. No one ever call me Jazz since I don’t like that nickname, but for the sake of this activity, I didn’t really have a choice. I decided that my name was short enough that I didn’t need to trace my name in pencil. I free-handed using my blue spray paint and it actually turned out quite decent. After using the blue, I borrow Kim’s pink paint to outline the blue to make it look more like bubble letters. I thought it still looked really plain, so I decided to use my gold spray to outline the pink and Kim’s neon green spray to outline the whole thing. I was pleasantly surprised to see the end results.

From this experience, I realized how hard spray painting actually is. Trying to control where the paint went and how much was going to come out was really difficult. From now on I will look at graffiti and remember how hard it actually is. Although this activity was really difficult to master, I had a blast doing it!

Showing how I painted my name step by step!

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