Hi everyone! This week I had the pleasure of meeting Stefany Rodriguez. Stefany is 19 years old and is currently a sophomore studying in criminal justice at CSULB. This week we had the chance of sharing our thoughts on the subject of art. We both asked each other, “does art matter?” Stefany’s response was that although criminal justice and art are not related in any way, Stefany respects artists and appreciate their work she believes art is a profession that takes people many years to master and become succesful. She believes, just like any other profession, artist have sleepless nights trying to compose their art pieces and work just as hard as other professions, such as doctors or lawyers. Stefany believes that people are too quick to judge and stereotype artists without knowing what they have to go through. Art is just as important because art is all around us, such as music, paintings, graffiti, etc. She thinks the world would be a really boring place without any art around to entertain us. She believes people should acknowledge their hard work and is a form of expression. Artists use it to express their feelings, thoughts, or to even share their personalities with everyone. Without art, people wouldn’t be able to express themselves the way they do now. Overall yes, art does matter to her and is a big factor in this world.

This is Stefany working on some art!
This is Stefany working on some art!

Stefany Rodriguez’s Contact Information:

Website: https://thisisfannysblog.wordpress.com/


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