Hello everyone! This week I had the pleasure of meeting another classmate, Nicholas Ramirez. Nicholas senior at CSULB and is a kinesiology major, focusing on fitness. His career goal is to get certified to become a personal trainer and some day open up his own gym.

Our question to discuss with each other this week was, “what are we swimming in?” Nicholas interpreted this question as, “what is the reality we are all living in?” He says spends all his time at the school so he doesn’t really know what’s going on in the real world sometimes. He feels cut off and isolated from everything else. He feels his reality mostly isolation from the real world because he is too consumed in his work and studies. He is always on campus since he also works for campus marketing after class. He says that if anything bad were to happen in the real world, he wouldn’t have any idea about what’s going on. His response to the question was that what he is swimming in is stress.

Nicholas then proceeded to ask me what my thoughts are. I told him that I believe that in today’s society, we are too consumed with technology that we don’t spend enough time interacting with other people or with nature. I think we are too confined in our own bubbles. He then added in that he finds it ridiculous that couples have to make their relationships Facebook official. I agreed that it is ridiculous that technology has taken over our lives in that aspect. I also stated that my childhood consisted of playing outside and doing physical activities, but the generation today is so consumed with technology that no one plays outside anymore. Nicholas said that although there are many cons to technology, there is a lot of pros. An example of a pro would be medicine. Technology has changed the world drastically, but there needs to be a limit on how much technology is being used.

Meet my new friend Nicholas Ramirez!
Meet my new friend Nicholas Ramirez!

Nicholas Ramirez’s Contact Information:



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