For this week’s activity I had the chance to try out the app, Periscope. Periscope is an app created by Twitter that offers live broadcasting to share with your friends or the whole entire world! In the live broadcast, viewers from around the world are able to join in and watch. They are also able to leave comments, critiques, and even send you a “heart” which is like giving a like on Instagram.

I downloaded this app and decided to try it on Wednesday, September 30, 2015 when I hanging out with my boyfriend at home. We had just gotten back from dinner and were just lying in bed. We were watching Netflix when I decided to give Periscope a try. I turned it on and told him I was on Periscope. He wasn’t too fond of the idea of live streaming for anyone to see. He kept trying to push the phone camera out of his face or even hide his face with the pillows. After a couple minutes, he decided to just ignore that I was broadcasting. He continued to watch Netflix, so I got bored. I got the idea to shave his mustache, so I did it live! After awhile, he didn’t want me to Periscope anymore, so I turned it off after being attacked by his tickles. It was pretty embarrassing and stressful to Periscope when someone else was around.

After a couple days of not using Periscope, I decided to turn it back on when I was getting ready for the day. I turned it on to do my make up. After doing my make up for a minute or two, I started to notice people joining my broadcast. I started to get a little nervous. I didn’t want people to see my face without make up, so I tried to not look at my phone or that would just make me more nervous. I continued to do my make up and finished after 30 minutes. After finishing, I look at the stats of the broadcast, and it surprised me that 13 people joined in. It was kind of shocking to realize that 13 strangers were watching me get ready. After the first make up broadcast of the day, I decided to broadcast little things here and there. My house was hosting a birthday party of my little sister who was turning 6. I started broadcasting all the children playing in the jumper and us eating Korean BBQ for dinner. I started to get more comfortable broadcasting when I wasn’t broadcasting myself. It was a lot less stressful to use my back camera than my front facing camera.

Some screenshots from my live broadcast!
Some screenshots from my live broadcast!
Some of the broadcasts I did. Look at the number of viewers!
Some of the broadcasts I did. Look at the number of viewers!

After having some free time, I started to browse around Periscope to watch other people broadcast from around the world. It was really interesting to see what people were doing during their day. I watched an acoustic jam session from a guy named Matt (@Matthewlong43) in Levittown, New York. I also joined a guy named Nate (@natejamesmusic), who was spending his weekend at the beach in Queensland, Australia and Timmy (@timmygirardot), who was hanging out in his car with his friends in Champagne-Ardenne, France! I was pretty amazing to be able to see people from all over the world. I don’t think I would have ever gotten the chance to see what other people were up to, if Periscope didn’t exist.

Watching other small Periscopes!

After watching the smaller Periscopers, I tuned into watch Bree Olson! She was at Skid Row again in Los Angeles. I was able to watch her engage with the homeless around there and hear their stories as well as Bree’s feedback. I think it’s really amazing to be able to watch the difference she is making in the community. At the end of the day, Bree turned on Periscope to a jam session with her friend, Chris. I turned on the Periscope and just listened to him play the guitar and sing, while I was cleaning my room. It was pretty cool to get live entertainment while doing something I dreaded.

Bree's friend, Chris, serenading (Left) Bree in Skid Row, Los Angeles (Right)
Bree’s friend, Chris, serenading (Left)
Bree in Skid Row, Los Angeles (Right)

After Bree went offline, I went to Guy Tang’s Periscope (@Guy_Tang). He wasn’t broadcasting live at the time, but I was able to watch his video that had ended about 21 hours earlier. He was working on Cassey’s hair (Blogilates on YouTube). I love anything beauty or fashion related, so I opened and watch the whole thing. I love how Guy Tang always explain all the products and the process he goes through. Even though I don’t know what anything is or how it works, I still think it’s still pretty interesting to watch. I’m pretty jealous of how comfortable he is around the camera. I hope someday, I’ll be able to Periscope as comfortable as Guy Tang!

Guy Tang working on Cassey Ho's hair!
Guy Tang working on Cassey Ho’s hair!

This project overall was really interesting and pretty fun! I learned that I’m pretty camera shy when it comes to sharing things with other people. I also love how you are able to engage with other people from around the world! Although I think this app is really amazing, I don’t think I’ll continue doing it. It takes too much time and dedication for me. And I feel like it makes me more vulnerable to the public. Maybe someday, I’ll open myself up more and start Periscope later on in the future because it really is an awesome app!


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