Sometimes, simplicity is key and I think these two artists did a wonderful job at showing it. This week I had the chance to talk to two amazing artists, Dawn Berry and Anahid Malek-Stepanians. Their paintings were so simple, yet had so much meaning. Although the two artists did not collaborate on the paintings, all their paintings complimented each other’s perfectly.

Their gallery was called “Viewpoint” and was held in the Dutzi-Gallery. These were abstract and figurative paintings with oil and acrylic on canvases. The artists explained that they both favor oil and acrylic because they are used to using them. They also mentioned that oil is their absolute favorite out of the two since oil does dry slower, allowing them time to work in the details. When looking at the painting, you are able to notice that each painting is very textured. They mentioned that they were able to texturize their paintings using a palette knife to add in scrapes and scratches. The painting had a focus on either cool tones or warm tones depending on the inspiration it comes from. Derry describes her work as minimal, while Malek-Stepanians describes her work as bold and bright. Derry had her inspirations coming from landscapes while Malek-Stepanians get her inspirations from the four seasons. Their inspiration for their paintings also come from places they have visited or even places they have seen through photos. For the example, Malek-Stepanians got her inspiration for “Winter” from her recent visit to Vancouver, Canada. The artists love to base their works off of their surroundings and the environment around them. 


After looking at their paintings and talking to the artists, I was really intrigued by the affect that nature has on us. I feel as if people don’t appreciate nature enough. I love that these paintings of the mountains are more focused on the silhouettes and the sky instead of the mountains themselves. I also lose that the Malke-Stepanians is able to portray winter without even having to paint on a mountain or add snowflakes. After visiting this gallery, I definitely want to travel more and be able to see where these artists got their inspirations. The artists did mention the places they visited, so maybe one day I’ll be able to travel there and see it for myself.

Meet the artists! Malek-Stepanians (White) and Derry (Blue)
Meet the artists! Malek-Stepanians (White) and Derry (Blue)

Although the two don’t have any social media or websites, you can contact Dawn Derry

Email: dawn_derry@yahoo.com


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