Hi everyone! It’s pretty awesome that each week I get the chance to meet and talk to a new classmate! This week I had the pleasure of meeting Jackie Bautista! Jackie is a second year student at CSULB majoring in Kinesiology with an emphasis on exercise science. Her dream job is to become an occupational or physical therapist. She became interested in exercise science because she has always loved playing sports and she did not want to become a doctor! Jackie is originally from North Hollywood, but now dorms CSULB for school. She also plans to become an RA for the dorms, to be able to get free room and board. Jackie also loves attending music festivals and plans to attend more in the future!

For this week’s question, it was how we associate colors with emotions and what colors represent what emotions to you. She answered that red represents anger, blue is sorrows, and pink is love. Something interesting she mentioned is that the emotions represented by colors were, most of the time, taught to us. We were thought to think that certain colors meant certain things. We mentioned how people are also judged based on the colors they wear. If someone were to wear all black, they would be perceived to be “emo” or if a guy wore pink, he would be judged as gay. We were taught to think colors mean things, when they really don’t. There are also many different associations people have with color. One certain color can mean plenty of different things to different people. A color is a just a color, but people see if for more than what it truly is.

Meet my new friend Jackie!
Meet my new friend Jackie!

Jackie Bautista’s Contact Information:

Website: https://jackiemarieb.wordpress.com


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