For this week’s activity, we had to use Snapchat as a form of art. We were assigned to do Snapchat drawings on pictures we decided to take of anything. We had to take at least two pictures and draw on them. Then we had to add classmates from Art 110 and watch their stories to see their drawings.

I decided to start this activity on Tuesday, October 6, 2015 after my Art 110 class. I am constantly on Snapchat, so it wasn’t that difficult for me to start. I love using Snapchat to send me friends funny pictures or to even share beautiful scenery with them. On Tuesday afternoon, I decided to challenge one of my friends from high school with a picture of myself. I didn’t wear any make up that day, so I decided to use the Snapchat pen to draw make up on my bare face. I started with one photo, then my friends responded to my Snapchat with them same type of picture. She accepted my challenge and we spent a good fifteen minutes sending each other pictures back and forth. After awhile, I had to leave school and go to work so we stopped Snapchatting, but it was really fun while it lasted!


After I got off work, I decided to take a look at all my friends’ stories on Snapchat. It really irritates me when I have a lot of stories to watch, so I just quickly watch them to clear out the story feed. While watching all the stories, I came across my friend Kim Pham‘s stories. She had posted two pictures: her sushi and a drawing of her paradise. The first picture is a picture of her sushi with drawings of two fish with the caption, “Fish are food, not friends”. The reference is to Finding Nemo, so I thought it was pretty funny. After looking at that picture, it made me really crave sushi! Her other drawing is a blank black background with the geotag of Irvine with her drawings of an island with the caption, “Dreamin of paradise”. I think this picture is pretty nice! It’s cool to see what other classmates are up to during the day even if you aren’t with them!

Kim Pham's Snapchat drawings
Kim Pham’s Snapchat drawings

After viewing my classmates’ photos and sharing some of my own, I think it was really fun. I not only use Snapchat for my friends, but I also use Snapchat to watch “famous” YouTubers. I like to watch YouTubers on Snapchat because they usually post over 100 seconds of photos and videos. They use Snapchat a lot because when they are posting videos on YouTube, it’s always scheduled for certain days and they are almost always formally edited and scripted. When YouTubers use Snapchat, they share with you whatever they want to and most of the time they aren’t judged for it! Some YouTubers will take pictures of what they’re eating, what they’re doing for the day, or even what packages they got in the mail from companies. The YouTubers I like to watch on Snapchat are: benjimantv (Cooking videos & vlogger ), desiperkins, heyclairehey, gigigorgeous, hill jaclyn, itmeghan, lusterlux, mannymua, nikkiphillipi, ohsnapweylie, sophiachang92, thebethnoel (Makeup gurus), itslaurdiy (DIY enthusiast), jennakermarbles, juliensolo (Comedian), and koritelly (Singer). They love sharing their lives on Snapchat and also connected with their fans and viewers through Snapchat!

Juliensolo (Julien Solomita) likes to draw on his Snapchats of his dog, Peach!
Juliensolo (Julien Solomita) likes to draw on his Snapchats of his dog, Peach!

I also love sharing random pictures with everyone I have on Snapchat. I also use Snapchat to share special moments in my life. I think Snapchat is an amazing way to just post random pictures without it being too formal since your posts do disappear after 24 hours. In my opinion I don’t think that our Snapchat “dialogs” shares any of the same qualities of the famous conversations between Matisse and Picasso because we are just sending random drawings to each other that don’t necessarily give off a message. I use Snapchat to just share anything I want, I don’t really think about what conversation I am actually having with the other people through the photos I send. I think the conversations that Matisse and Picasso had were most likely conversations with purpose, while Snapchat it used to just photos without a great meaning.

(Left to right) When I cut 12 inches off my hair, sister bonding day, and a beautiful sunset!
(Left to right) When I cut 10 inches of my hair, sister bonding day, and a beautiful sunset!

If you would like to add me on Snapchat:

Scan my Snapchat icon!
Scan my Snapchat icon!

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