So this week I had the pleasure of meeting Madeline Perez, who introduced herself as Maddie Perez. She is a second year at CSULB majoring in hospitality management and wants to go into event planning. She lives in Whittier and commutes to school. Maddie works are an Italian restaurant and for fun she likes to hang out with her friends and travel the world. When I asked Maddie if she could dye her hair any color what she would dye it, she replied that she would dye it light pink because she really likes the color pink. She said it is also because it’s breast cancer awareness month and she has lost loved ones to breast cancer. She think it would be a really unique way to honor them. She asked me and I told her that I would dye my hair pastel colors and become a unicorn if school doesn’t work out. We had a really great conversation about different color hair, but I don’t think we are brave enough to change it to a weird color because of work. I had a great time talking to Maddie and getting to know her more, and it would be awesome if everyone had the change to meet her!

Meet Madeline Perez!
Meet Madeline Perez!

Madeline Perez’s Contact Information:

Website: https://madsmariees.wordpress.com


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