For this week’s classmate conversation I got to meet Geraldine Meono. She is a junior at CSULB majoring in sociology. She is not exactly sure what she wants to do with her major, but she isn’t worried since it’s a broad major that can be used for many things. Geraldine is also involved in a sorority, Sigma Kappa. I didn’t know this about her until I read her about me on her website. I was really surprised because I can relate to this since I am also in a sorority, Delta Delta Delta. Geraldine lives in San Pedro and commutes everyday for school. On her free time, she likes to listen to music, especially Taylor Swift. She also likes to go hiking and loves to go on food adventures. She also had a job at a small aerospace company in San Pedro as an administrative assistant.

The question we had to ask each other was, “After visiting the galleries and seeing the different artwork, how does anything you see in the works of art remind you of something else you have seen or experiences?” Geraldine looked at Rhiannon Aaron’s gallery called, “Ex Libris.” She mentioned that as she was looking in this gallery, it reminded herself of how much she used to love dinosaurs and fossils. She loved how fossils and bones each had their own stories of what happened a long time ago. She was also intrigued by all the detailing in this gallery and that she really enjoyed seeing something that reminded her of what she used to love.

My new friend, Geraldine! :)
My new friend, Geraldine! 🙂

Geraldine Meono’s Contact Information:

Website: http://geraldinee.com


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