Character Analysis

Name: Chance Victor Sawyer

Age: 17 years old

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Location: North Shore High School

Hobbies: Photography, Exploring

Goals: Date Regina George

Background: I am a seventeen year old teenager attending North Shore High School who is an exchange student from London, England. I enjoy photography and exploring different places. I am mostly an introvert, but sometimes show my extroverted side. I love meeting new friends, no matter who they are. I have some friends in London, but had to leave them behind when I moved to the states. After high school, I plan on moving back to London to attend university. I hope nothing or anyone will make my decision to move back difficult.

Storyline: Regina already has a boyfriend name Aaron Samuels but a new exchanged student recently transferred to North Shore High School from London. Regina can not seem to ignore his handsome figure and charm. Regina quickly becomes Chance’s first friend, but there seems to be something more. Even though she is dating someone else, her relationship is at stake when she starts gaining feelings for the new kid. Spring Fling is quickly approaching and Regina doesn’t think Aaron will be the perfect king when she wins Spring Fling queen. Regina decides to end her relationship with Aaron, in hopes to gain her chance to find her perfect king in Chance. Regina and Chance aren’t quite sure how they both feel about each other, but will soon find out when they both end up together at the same party.

Chance Victor Sawyer's Twitter made just to share his thoughts about
Chance Victor Sawyer’s Twitter made just to share his thoughts about “her”.
Who’s the special girl that’s all over Chance’s Twitter?
Regina George’s Twitter seems to be all about Chance, where’s Aaron?!

For this week’s activity, we had to create a trans-media storytelling story and write about it on our blog. We had to first create two different account for each of our characters. In order to create those accounts, we had to come up with fictional or realistic figures of our choice. Kim Pham really wanted to use Regina George from the movie Mean Girls, but I decided I wanted to come up with a new character. I came up with an exchange student named Chance Victor Sawyer, who quickly falls madly in love with the “it” girl. She and I decided to create a twitter to share our the thoughts of our characters and used Snapchat as a way to chat to each other. We then had to create a storyline for them and had to execute it through our social medias. At first, we had a hard time trying to figure out what we were going to say to each other to carry the storyline along. We continues to communicate to each other for an hour through the characters we played. After working on this activity, we decided to end our story with a cliff hanger. We didn’t want to finish the story to try to leave the audience hanging.

Conversation between Regina and Chance. Why is Regina playing so hard to get?!
Conversation between Regina and Chance. Why is Regina playing so hard to get?!

This activity was really interesting because I found it really cool to be able to create as many fake accounts as possible, as long as you have valid email addresses. It makes me wonder how many fake accounts are out there and how many people who follow me on Instagram and Twitter are fake. This activity was also fun to do because it gave me a chance to play as a fictional character, but didn’t have to physically act like you do in movies. If I had to do this activity over again, I would definitely change it up and try to use different social media or even try to keep the story line longer.


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