This week I has the pleasure of meeting a classmate, Albert Haddad. Jackie Bautista and I both interviewed him at the same time. He is a first year at CSULB majoring in Civil Engineering. After his internship at the Los Angeles Metro, his career goal is to earn a living there. He hopes to work to improve freeways. Haddad is originally from Sherman Oaks, California, but now lives in the dorms at CSULB for school. His hobbies include eating, hanging out with friends and girlfriend, cooking, and hiking. Haddad has an older sister who attend CSUN. After asking him why he didn’t follow her, he replied that he loves CSULB and didn’t want to attend school with people he attended high school with. After thinking of what to ask Albert, we both asked him if he was a dog or cat person. He quickly said dog and that he had a cute maltipoo. I can totally relate to being a dog person. I plan to move out in a couple of months to get a toy maltipoo or toy yorkie since my parents despise animals.

This week was really exciting for me because I actually participated and create the question of the week! The question of the week was, “After visiting many galleries and seeing the artists different art pieces, what is your favorite type (paintings, sculptures, installations, new media, etc.) and why?” Haddad responded that his favorite was specifically abstract paintings because he feels like there is so much freedom and creativity in it. It was really great meeting a fellow classmate and hopefully everyone has a chance to meet this awesome guy!

Meet Albert Haddad!
Meet Albert Haddad!

Albert Haddad’s Contact Information:

Website: https://alberthaddadwordpresscom.wordpress.com

Jackie Bautista’s Contact Information:

Website: https://jackiemarieb.wordpress.com


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