For this week’s artist conversation, I visited Valentina Moeur’s gallery in the Max L. Gatov Gallery West at CSULB. This gallery was really intriguing and caught my attention the moment I saw it from outside the open gallery doors. When I walked into the doors, I couldn’t help but to rush and look at everything closely. I saw so many small knick-knacks that were interesting and many unique pieces of jewelry that I wanted to learn more about. After walking around the gallery, I was really eager to talk to the artist to learn about everything that she had displayed. I felt like all the art pieces had their own stories to tell, and I couldn’t wait to find out more about them. I talked to the very talented artist and jewelry creator, Valentina Moeur. Moeur is a student a third year student at CSULB who decided to continue her education after attending some classes at El Camino in 2004. Moeur is currently working on earning her bachelor’s degree in fiber art.

(Left to right: Kim Pham, Me (Jasmynn Nguyen), Madeline Perez, Valentina Mouer, Jackie Bautista)

Moeur’s gallery was called, “Mysterium” and was exhibited in the Max L. Gatov Gallery West. In this gallery, I noticed that it consisted of a lot of wooden furniture and dark art pieces. Occasionally, I would also see a variety of small colorful pieces within the wooden displays. When asked, the artist had mentioned that all of the furniture use was either own by herself, thrifted, or gifted to her for the purpose of the gallery. Most of the wooden furniture was used to display the art pieces and/or a unique hand-made piece of jewelry made by the artist herself. The art pieces consisted of different designs of tree sculptures made by metal and some were made with silver tip branches. Since the gallery was named “Mysterium” she also displayed a lot of spiritual classics, such as the Ouija board and tarot cards. I’m not going to lie, but seeing some of spiritual items, made me a little nervous.

Valentina's amazing artwork!
Valentina Mouer’s amazing artwork!

Valentina Moeur has always been inspired by mystical items and the idea that there is another world/realm outside of our own. She wanted to share her thoughts and ideas by bringing it alive through her gallery. She wanted to use the space given to her to create a “realm” within the room to provide her viewers with the experience of feeling like being a different dimension. To achieve her goals, she said she has been collecting her pieces, such as the furniture, jewelry, and clothing, for about 3-5 years. Almost all the trinkets, jewelry, and sculptures were handmade by Moeur and if they weren’t, they were gifted to her. She had also mentioned that everything in her gallery was used to decorate her home, so it felt like she is sharing her home with everyone. Her goal with this gallery is to make people be open-minded to all the different possibilities out there.

Panoramic picture of the gallery!
Creepy, right?!

After visiting this gallery, I was genuinely really happy that I was able to spend almost an hour just talking to the artist and getting to know her thought process. It was also great learning what her inspirations come from even though they may be different from everyone else’s. I really enjoyed her gallery because I thought the way she went about displaying her actual home was impressive. I love that she actually lives by her thoughts and ideas. I also love how her gallery gives off the vibe of creepy, but after talking to the artist I actually felt very welcomed and understanding.

If you would love learn more about Valentina Moeur’s work please visit her website!

Valentina Moeur’s Contact Information:



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