For this week’s activity, we were tasked to create a DIY hanging art piece. For this project, I had to try to think of what I already have so that I didn’t have to spend more money. I used to make a lot of DIY bracelets for my friends back in high school and remembered that I still have a lot of the materials left. I went into my closet and pulled out my bag of all my DIY items. I pulled out a lot of colorful strings and beads. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to attach my strings and beads to, so I went onto Pinterest and looked up hanging fiber art. I notices a lot of metal stinks and wooden sticks were used and that’s how I got the idea of a wire coat hanger. I took off the paper of the coat hanger and had to think of how I wanted to design it.

Since my room is painted teal with brown and white furniture, I thought it would be cool to create a piece using blue hues with a brown twine. I started to twist the brown twine on the base of the hanger to try to add some color. I then took three bracelet round clasps and started looping three different color strings of blue to each one. I then took jumper rings and attached the clasps to the hanger, separating them. I thought it looked too empty and simple, so I decided to add two strings of silver beads in-between.  I didn’t want it to look too symmetrical, so I made the strings two different lengths. I also added in a braided string to the middle and attached it to the middle clasp.

I’m actually really proud of myself for sticking through this project. It was really tedious to loop all the strings together, since they kept becoming loose. It was also annoying since I kept dropping all the beads and the string kept getting to frayed to put through the bead holes. The jumper rings were also really difficult to work with since I didn’t have clamps to open and close them. After this project, I definitely will appreciate all the fiber art pieces more. I always walk through boutiques or stores and scoff at how simple and easy they look to make, yet they sell them for so much. But now I know how much time and dedication it takes to make multiples to sell to others who are like me and don’t have the time and patience for it.

Step by step of my project!
Step by step of my project!

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