For this week’s artist conversation, I had the pleasure of talking to Kathy Yoon. Yoon attended community college at Cypress College before transferring to CSULB. She was pursuing a degree in mathematics before realizing that her real passion was ceramics. Yoon has been studying and working with ceramics since five or six years ago.  As a child, she had always played with Play-Doh and that’s what made her interested in ceramics. She is currently attending CSULB as a senior working towards her Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Ceramics. Although eager to graduate, Yoon had no clue of what her future career plans are. She has a general idea of wanting to work in a fine art studio, creating character designs for movies.

This week, I visited Kathy Yoon’s gallery showcased in the Maxine Merlino Gallery. Her gallery was titled “So Many Me’s”.  Moon’s medium for her artwork was porcelain clay, white rose clay paper, underglaze, and a little bit of yarn. Yoon worked with many different forms of art like working with animal forms. She then realized that realism didn’t work the way she wanted to express her feelings. Her art consisted of little small ceramic figures built with coils from clay. All the figures were made with the consistent color of muted white and black, with a pop of red here and there. She wanted to concentrate on the highlights of her pieces and not the message she was trying to convey with too many colors. The goal she was trying to portray with the color scheme was darkness combined with sadness. Her artwork was inspired by Tim Burton, since she has always been interested in animation and illustration. Couple pieces were inspired by other people around her and how she saw them. Each individual piece took between is 2-3 weeks to create.

Meet Kathy Yoon!
Meet Kathy Yoon!

Yoon’s main message she was trying to portray towards the audience was what she has been through in hopes to connect to people through similar feelings and experiences. The characters were supposed to represent her in a way along with the message posted before entering the gallery. The message summed up, talked about how frustrated with everyone and everything she is and how she’s at a crossroad in her life. She was trying to share how she had been feeling throughout the year. She also wanted to convey her feelings and her personality through her gallery. If people related to her, then that would be her accomplishment. Yoon has experienced relief from the project; it helped her cope with a lot of the problems in her life. She used her artwork as a way to vent and relieve her stress.

I really enjoyed this gallery because it hit so close to home. As a teenager growing up, I remember being really into dark and sad characters. Growing up, I had a really rocky time due to many things happening in my life. I think Yoon is a very creative and brave person to share her experiences for everyone to see through her art. I feel like her art conveys a really strong message. I think the way she is embracing her problems and sharing them it a huge thing to do, also possibly scary. I applaud Yoon, since I was never able to share my feelings with anyone, not even those close to me.

Kathy Yoon's artwork!
Kathy Yoon’s artwork!

Kathy Yoon’s Contact Information:

Instagram: @kathy.c.yoon


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