WEEK 12 – ACTIVITY – ePortfolio

For this week’s activity, we had to create or change our currents websites into ePortfolios. We had to create our own personal online portfolio that showcased ourselves through our career goals, interests, school work, and basically anything that would help us when searching for a job. One of my main career goals in life is t work with children, so I decided to start on my ePortfolio by making a whole new website.

The first thing I decided to do was create a new website and make up a domain name that would make sense, but didn’t look too ridiculous. I decided to go with https://jasmynnkaeportfolio.wordpress.com . I then chose a theme and create an about me page. I wrote my about me with a little information about myself and what my goals are on the future. I also wrote a little about what my portfolio consisted of.

Website before adding color!
Website before adding color!

I felt like my website was too plain, so I then decided to add color and a picture that related to my portfolio. I wanted to choose a photo that would be simple, but not too controversial with other people’s thoughts and beliefs. My goals for my website is to grow as a real portfolio that I would possibly and potentially share with future employers. I want to be able to showcase myself in a positive and encouraging manner. My audience would not only be aimed towards future employers, but also other students or people with similar interests that can benefit from my portfolio as a learning reference by sharing my work, knowledge, and experience.

Updated appearance!
Updated appearance!

Although I have started on my ePortfolio, I plan to continue working and improving my new website! I still have a really long way to go, with more work to complete and share in the future!


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